Monday, 12 November 2012

On the Proper Etiquette of Blagging

I have been informed that I made a major breach of blag protocol.  I did not make an initial post telling my would-be readers a little bit about myself and what I intend to write about.  This is meant to rectify the situation.

My name is Pat and I am a game-a-holic ( HI PAT! ).  I have been working making educational games for about two years now.  The group of developers I work with are games fanatics to say the least, and we all play and make games in and out of the workplace.  Basically my life revolves around games, how they are made, how well they play, and how they affect people.

My earliest gaming memory is of playing the Oregon Trail and the Yukon Trail on early Apple computers in elementary school.  I cannot say for sure if I learned anything that the makers of those games intended to teach, but I do know I learned how to get a high score and then lord it over all of my classmates.  My current gaming vitals include a copy of each current generation console, a decently stocked Steam account, a closet full of various board games, a suitcase full of Magic: The Gathering, and a Kahdor army.

This blag will be a written account of my thoughts, opinions, and experiences regarding games and gaming.  I will be touching on all sorts of games because I play all sorts of games.  Card games, board games, miniatures games, traditional RPGs and video games.  I hope that the things I write here will be both thought provoking and interesting and, if I am doing things particularly well, I hope a few flame wars are started on Reddit over my words.


  1. Oregon Trail tought me that if little Suzy dies of dysentry the correct way to honour her memory is to write "Fartbutt" on her tombstone.